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Al and Marge 2002
Albert, Marcel, Louise
All for one and one for all
Amanda 06 14 yrs
Amanda and Sabrina 1
Amanda at SF
Bill-High School
Bill 6 yrs
Bill and Kim April 1957
Bill and Marvin
Bill and MaryAnn 1
Bill and Maryann 2
Bill and Opfar Family
Bill Kim Marc
Charles 2 yrs
Charles Rachel Ryan
David and Aquila
Dora and Boys 1943
El Lee and Richard
Family Crest
Father and Son
Flag Day
F William
Grandma  Grandpa Lampton
Hope and Earl August 83
Hope Luke Lem
Jacquelynn 1
Jacquelynn 2
Jacquelynn 3
Kim and Jeff
Kim and Jeff Wedding 3-28-81
Kim and Marge
Lampton Family 5
Lampton Family 50s